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Explore our market-focused campaigns, which aim to expose irresponsible corporate practices and accelerate transition towards environmentally and socially beneficial solutions. Here are all the campaigns we have run so far. 

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Growing the Good 1

Growing the Good


Consumption of animal products such as meat and dairy has increased at an unprecedented pace since 1950s, with people in the Global North now consuming more than twice what is considered healthy. The number ...

Fossil Fashion 2

Fossil Fashion


Today’s fashion industry has become synonymous with overconsumption, a snowballing waste crisis, widespread pollution and the exploitation of workers in global supply chains...

Talking Trash: the corporate playbook of false solutions to the plastic crisis

Talking Trash


Plastics are problematic across their lifecycle; from extraction and refining to consumption and disposal they cause pollution on land, and oceans, threatening marine...

Fishing the Feed 1

Fishing the Feed


The ocean covers two-thirds of our planet and plays a crucial role in sustaining life on Earth. However, overfishing, pollution, growing demand for natural resources and climate change are placing ocean ecos...

Food Fortification 1

Food Fortification


Micronutrients are essential vitamins and minerals that people need to develop and maintain good health. While the best way to prevent micronutrient deficiencies is to maintain a diverse and healthy diet, nu...

Dirty Fashion 1

Dirty Fashion


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. According to the World Bank, 20 percent of water pollution globally is caused by textile processing, making it the second biggest p...

Milking It 1

Milking It


Infant and young child feeding is key to improving child survival and promoting healthy growth and development worldwide. Although the World Health Organisation (WHO) strongly recommends breastfeeding as the...

Carpet Recycling

Carpet Recycling


The concept of circular economy provides the blueprint on how we can bring our consumption back within planetary boundaries, where we eliminate waste and keep all resources in a closed loop. Each industry ne...

Bad Medicine 1

Bad Medicine


One frequently overlooked cause of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) is environmental pollution from raw materials used to make antibiotics at the very beginning of the supply chain. Our campaign focused on th...

Cutting the Crap 1

Cutting the Crap


Our current resource consumption overshoots the Earth’s natural capacity by 1.5 times, and forecasts are we would need 3 to 5 Earth’s worth of resources by 2050 to sustain our predicted level of consumption....

Acrylamide in food 1

Acrylamide in food


Our food should be safe to eat and contaminants should be eliminated as much as possible by the industry and where needed, with strong regulations. The presence of acrylamide, a carcinogenic and genotoxic co...

Running on Empty 1

Running on Empty


Water is essential to a healthy society and economy. The water crisis is already impacting large parts of the planet, driven by climate change and made worse by pollution, wastage, bad infrastructure and bad...

Protecting the Krill 1

Protecting the Krill


Antarctica is the world’s last great refuge, guaranteed by treaty to be free from commercial exploitation. Unfortunately, this protection doesn’t extend to the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica, leavi...

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