Protecting the Krill

Antarctica is the world’s last great refuge, guaranteed by treaty to be free from commercial exploitation. Unfortunately, this protection doesn’t extend to the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica, leaving its immense marine life vulnerable. The previously pristine ocean that surrounds Antarctica, untouched and unexploited by people and corporations, is now under attack posing serious risks to various marine creatures with this “Gold Rush” of the Southern Ocean centered around one species. Unfortunately, it’s the same species that feeds all of Antarctica’s immense marine life, such as penguins and blue whales – krill, a tiny crustacean. Our campaign focused on asking big retailers in the U.S. and UK to drop omega-3 supplements based on krill and to protect the Antarctica. We were part of the Lifeline Antarctica Coalition.


Krill, Baby, Krill: The corporations profiting from plundering Antarctica

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