Running on Empty

Water is essential to a healthy society and economy. The water crisis is already impacting large parts of the planet, driven by climate change and made worse by pollution, wastage, bad infrastructure and bad management. Business communities everywhere have an important role to play in addressing the water crisis. They will not only suffer the economic consequences of water scarcity but have the ability, resources and know-how to start addressing the problem before it is too late. Our campaign on water identified efficiency of use, as the fastest, cheapest and simplest action to take in order to address the current water crisis. The campaign was focused on South Africa, as there are few places is the world, where the impact of water scarcity is felt as keenly. The consequences are already affecting peoples’ lives and livelihoods and are accelerating year-by-year.


Running on Empty – What Business, Government and Citizens must do to confront South Africa’s water crisis

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