Detoxing Carpets: pathways towards safe and recyclable carpet in a truly circular economy

March 2018 Report
Detoxing Carpets: picture of baby crawling on carpet


This briefing summarises the findings of research by Anthesis Consulting on hazardous substances found in carpets sold in Europe. The study, Toxics in carpet in the European Union (March 2018), reveals how toxic substances in carpets can affect consumers’ and workers’ health and pose obstacles for the industry to move towards a circular economy, as toxic substances might persist in recycled products and harm health. The report concludes with recommendations for how the carpet sector must redesign its products and eliminate toxic substances to move towards a circular economy. Doing this will improve the products’ quality and safety for consumers in their daily lives, as well as for workers who come into contact with carpets through installation and recycling activities. Policy-makers can support this transition by adopting product-specific legislation on carpets and creating an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme to support the market for toxic-free and recyclable products.

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