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November 2023

New report: Truth, Lies and Culture Wars: Social listening analysis of meat and dairy persuasion narratives

Online Event: The methane snail race at COP28

New report: Seeing Stars: the new metric that could allow the meat and dairy industry to avoid climate action

July 2023

New report: Take-Back Trickery

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June 2023

Sign the Nestlé petition now

April 2023

Net-zero integrity: Nestlé’s methane blindspot

March 2023

Feeding Us Greenwash: An analysis of misleading claims in the food sector

Greenwashing Timeline: The crackdown on greenwashing in fashion and plastic since 2020

Media advisory: Fashion and plastics in the firing line as EU unveils plan to crackdown on rotten green claims

February 2023

Webinar – Trashion: The stealth export of waste plastic clothes to Kenya 

Trashion documentary

Trashion full report

January 2023

Hot Money: 40 Financial Institutions are funding a climate-changing agri-methane footprint

Synthetics Anonymous Webinar Sign Up

December 2022

Synthetics Anonymous 2.0: Fashion’s persistent plastic problem

November 2022

Emissions Impossible: Methane Edition

Dressed to Kill: Fashion brands’ hidden links to Russian oil in a time of war

June 2022

Blog on Eating Better

March 2022

Licence to Greenwash

A New Look for the Fashion Industry (Policy Briefing)

Conscious Chatter podcast

January 2022

Fossil Fashion Planet Pod Podcast Ep.2

Fossil Fashion Planet Pod Podcast Ep.1


New campaign on cutting methane emissions from livestock

We’re hiring a Senior Campaigner/Campaign Manager


Webinar: are we investing in the right solutions to the plastic crisis?

Hot tickets and hollow promises: solutions to the plastic crisis

What is greenwashing? Everything you need to know about fashion’s faux sustainability (Woman and Home)

One in every two plastic bottles waste in Kenya is from Coca-Cola (Clean Up Kenya)

Investing in troubled waters: the material risks of fish mortality and the use of wild-caught fish in feed for the aquaculture sector

Synthetics Anonymous: fashion brands’ addiction to fossil fuels