Nusa Urbancic

Campaigns Director

Nusa has been with the Changing Markets Foundation since it was founded in 2015 and her role was to set up the organisation’s main office in London and to manage the team of Changing Markets campaigners. She leads the development of strategies and oversees the implementation of the Foundations’ campaigns, research and media work. She also sits on the advisory committee of Break Free from Plastic Europe.

Before joining Changing Markets, she worked for over 6 years in Brussels-based NGO Transport & Environment leading its Energy programme, advocating for more climate-friendly European policies on transport fuels. She played a leading role in running and coordinating European campaigns against unsustainable biofuels, unconventional oil and promoting transport electrification, resulting in significant political reforms. She designed T&E’s political advocacy strategy, coordinated research and fund-raising. Before joining T&E, Nusa worked at the European office of Greenpeace on the renewable energy campaign and she also gained experience as a free-lance journalist and translator.

Nusa has an MA in International Relations from the University of Ljubljana and an LLM in Human Rights from the London-based Birkbeck University. She speaks Slovenian, English, French and Spanish and has lived in Belgium, France and in the UK. In her free time, she enjoys reading, yoga, skiing, hiking and other outdoor activities.