Joakim Bergman

Founder & Executive Chair

Joakim calls himself a campaign junkie. Swedish by origin, he studied law but soon after landed at Greenpeace, where he discovered his passion for campaigns. In the early 1990’s his time as Campaign Director of Greenpeace Sweden saw some of the organisation’s earliest innovation in market campaigns, including on chlorine bleaching in the pulp and paper industry and the PVC campaign. He went on in Greenpeace to various roles including CEO of Greenpeace Sweden, Deputy CEO of Greenpeace International and a board member of Greenpeace USA and Central and Eastern Europe.

In 1996, Joakim established and ran a solutions focused market campaigning business in Sweden. Over nearly two decades he has developed unique experience in using campaigning to drive market growth strategies for sustainable products for large international corporations. His clients have included companies in forestry, health and nutrition, building materials and recycling.

Joakim has also worked at Action Aid Sweden, advising them on how to become a campaigning organization and advised numerous other NGOs on how to improve their campaigning. Joakim has lived in the Netherlands and Australia, where he developed a passion for surfing. He is now based with his family in a small fishing village in the south of Sweden despite the lack of surfing opportunities.